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Please be a friend!

Coronavirus, it’s getting real! -Cardi B

This world wide pandemic is undoubtedly impacting physical health. But what a mental health? As I always strive to do let me be transparent. I have the following diagnosis. Meaning these are actual diagnosis in my medical record. Major depressive disorder, PTSD and anxiety. All of these diagnosis after going through divorce, other toxic relationships with mutual mental and emotional abuse (yes I share blame), diagnosis of breast cancer, several surgeries, and other medical conditions with no known diagnosis; all of this by age 26.

For some people these things seem minor. However, what is traumatic for one person may be a great day for another. It doesn’t make personal feelings any less valid. I have a great story of how a male doctor told me going through breast cancer doesn’t cause PTSD. I looked him up recently and he had terrible reviews. I know super petty!

I now realize that even in childhood I unknowingly experienced signs and symptoms of anxiety.

According to the NIMH Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms include:

  • Feeling restless, wound-up, or on-edge
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Having difficulty concentrating; mind going blank
  • Being irritable
  • Having muscle tension
  • Difficulty controlling feelings of worry
  • Having sleep problems, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, restlessness, or unsatisfying sleep

For more information on anxiety disorders check out:

The point of going over all of this is so the following experience can make more sense. I wrote this Facebook post this morning and I wanted to share with you all.

I’ve been acting “normal” for my family. But internally my anxiety has been at it’s peak for days. I’m trying to remember how I had to literary just be still and totally trust God in 2012 when diagnosed with cancer. But this situation has so many layers. In 2012 yes my life was at risk and my Jada was only 4. But that was somewhat isolated to me, my family and friends.

Now the entire world is uncertain of how to navigate this situation. I’m worried about my children getting education and other skills we don’t consider. Like learning to develop relationships and interact with people outside of family. This is especially true for my middle son. He finally was approved for additional services through the regional center. Now he can’t even go to the part time program that helped him in an extraordinary way. And please save the phrase “people are in worse situations”. It’s never been comforting to me; I worry about them too.

Parents are having to figure out how to make money, homeschool our children, and create new routines. It’s possible and we will do it. But this is A LOT to process for everyone.

So I ask, please have patience , have empathy, and help when you can. A man saw me struggling to grab toilet paper from the top shelf. Without hesitation he helped me before grabbing his own. It may seem very insignificant. But if you already have anxiety and go in the store feeling like you’re going into a war zone. Finding a “friend” in chaos even for a second can improve someone’s day.




There is another virus on the loose. Times like this can cause panic, confusion and fear. Some people become indifferent; believing they’re not at risk. There are also people who have no idea what’s going on.

No matter which category applies to you, having knowledge about the coronavirus is beneficial. We are the only ones that can stop the spread of the coronavirus. We first need to know what it is, how it spreads and how we can avoid it!


Please click the link below or copy and paste into browser to get the facts on the coronavirus


DO NOT touch your face. Sneeze/cough in the crease of your elbow, a tissue, paper towel or whatever you need to do to not touch your face. Please don’t touch anyone else’s face. Not only will this prevent the spread of germs; it will also prevent a fight.


DO NOT touch children that are not yours! Sounds likes common sense. However, common sense is not so common. Also the U.S. is a melting pot of all different cultures, beliefs etc. Different cultures do different things. Please find a kind, yet stern way to say do not touch my child. Let’s not toss strollers in 2020 like the good sister Blac Chyna. (But oh I understand)


*Fun fact: When your mom’s “your” becomes yo, hurry up and do what she ask.

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) defenses we have against germs and viruses is hand washing. Wash your hands frequently. Do this anyway, even when there is no outbreak. Because the things we touch daily are filthy.

Hand washing has been proven over and over again to reduce the spread of illness and germs in general. Wash your hands, your kids hands, your spouses hands (lol), your pets paws (just playing, but not at the same time) and remind friends and family to wash their hands.


Since we’re talking about hand washing. I have a quick question. When you’re in a public restroom and someone flush’s the toilet and then walks out of the stall bypasses the sink and just goes on their merry way; do you judge? Do you say hey you forgot to wash your hands? Or do you not even care? Please comment below!


Finally there is a proper way to wash your hands! Soap and water, cover all surfaces of hands including nails and sing the “Happy Birthday song”, twice. A lot of people wonder but are embarrassed to ask who to sang to. According to my research Brittni is the perfect name to use. Just kidding any name will do.

Have you noticed when singing the Birthday song and you get to the name; we say it at the same pace no matter the length of the name? If it’s a short name we pronounce every syllable and if it’s a long name we make it one syllable. I know that’s random but I’ve always found that to be funny.


Any-who, please check out the link below on hand washing and share with your kids, friends, family, co-workers etc.

Thanks for stopping by!


How’s your mental health?

So much has happen since I last blogged. However, I couldn’t find a single topic I wanted to discuss. On MLK day I wanted to write about facing fears and the importance of preventative screenings. But there was something blocking my inspiration to write. Also, at this time all three kids were sick. I was attempting to work with sick children at home. We got through it. Then I received an email from my oldest school about a confirmed case of hand, foot and mouth disease.

The kids being sick and out of school made me consider writing about the importance of hand wishing, signs of hand, foot and mouth disease and other common viruses kids love to share. I started to write but again my thoughts were all over the place and the motivation just wasn’t there. In my mind every topic I considered wasn’t good enough. I started to get discouraged.

Although I was having my own internal battle, I managed to keep up with our busy schedule, and added auditions for my kiddos to the agenda. As usual we were constantly on the move.

Last Sunday after my daughter’s audition we had lunch with some friends. She read a text from here phone and said in disbelief “Kobe’s dead”. I didn’t and still don’t know how to process this news.

As I learned the details of his daughter being on the flight, a family, a mother and all 9 persons it crushed me. I couldn’t cry, I could only feel a deep sadness. My chest had a dull pain ache.

A couple days went by and I heard the now widowed father of three; tell the story of how he told his kids that their mother was deceased. He said they screamed and cried as he held them in his arms.That was it for me; I cried like a baby. When I stopped crying I felt as if I had released something. Not just from the Kobe tragedy, but also a release from tension built up over weeks.

We are so use to being on the go and only slowing down when we have a physical illness. However, mental illness can be worse then any common cold. Even when we ignore or are unaware, mental unhealthiness will present itself. Often mental illness leads to a physical illness. Such as a headache or body ache.

Or in my case lack of motivation to do something you typically enjoy and racing thoughts. Mental health symptoms are different for everyone.

Changes in mood, changes in eating habits,changes in sleeping patterns, problems with focus, racing thoughts, behaviors that are unusual for the individuals personality, paranoia, fear etc.

Take time to check in with your emotions. Don’t be ashamed to not be okay! We’ve all been there. Just never give up!


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