Why I’ve Been MIA

Why I’ve Been MIA

Heyyyyy y’all!

I know I’ve been missing for awhile. I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting and nervous to post.

I originally started this blog to educate others on navigating the healthcare system. People loose hundreds and thousands of dollars just because no one takes the time to explain insurance, medications, when to go to the ER vs. urgent care, etc. And just because healthcare is complicated AF!

This has kind of turned into my journal/dairy that incorporates my experiences that usually relate to healthcare in some way. Likely because I have so many chronic illness healthcare is a large portion of my life. Ugghh….I’m so tired of adding diagnosis to my health record. Which is the reason I’ve been MIA…..Let me explain.

December 2021 I had an incident in which I was not in touch with reality. The entire day was a mess. I had a cycle of being tearful, angry, sad and confused. Sometimes I had these symptoms all at once. The story of that day will be told in another post. If I get the nerve to post it because it was pretty bad. Anyway….

January 2021 I was so lucky to get diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Now known as bipolar spectrum disorder. And it’s been difficult y’all.

I’ve been embarrassed and grieving the idea of normalcy. It’s been so many emotions. I literally spent the last several months going back and forth on what I should write about. But my new diagnosis was the only thing on my mind. I always want to be truthful to y’all and I didn’t want to come back with…Hey I’m bipolar.

It’s been a journey. Dealing with a mood disorder as a mom of 3, one a special needs child, working full time, a wife and so may other things hasn’t been a walk in the park. Some days bipolar knocks me down. But I’ve never got knocked out so I stand back up and fight. And it’s a tough battle DAILY!!!

I would love to go into more details on my symptoms, the day I knew it was more than depression, how I was diagnosed. But I’m tired, it’s almost 12 AM. If you are interested in hearing more. Check back in. Also, feel free to ask questions about bipolar disorder or my journey. My ig is @iambusybri

I’ll be back soon. ✌🏽

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