Cannabis vs. Neuropathy

Cannabis vs. Neuropathy

Did you know we ALL have an endocannabinoid system. It’s present and active whether we use cannabis or not. The endocannabinoid system is believed to impact cognitive and physical functions. Such as appetite, pain, motor learning and many other physical and cognitive processes.

During my chemotherapy treatment cannabis helped relieve my pain, specifically neuropathy of my fingers and toes. Neuropathy is a side effect of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy causes damage to the nerves which causes neuropathy. Neuropathy causes tingling, burning and pain like sensations. These sensations can be absent for weeks and suddenly hit you like a ton of bricks. This is also a very common symptom for people that live with diabetes. Constant high blood sugars also cause damage to the nerves. Neuropathy is not reversible and there is no cure. 7 1/2 years later and neuropathy still pops up too frequently for my comfort.

Although, I was so lucky to develop neuropathy. I’m also a living testimony of the true benefits of cannabis. I was able to manage my pain with cannabis and discontinue narcotics, muscle relaxers and pain blocking injections to my back (ouch!) . This was only possible with prayer, determination and cannabis.

However, seven years ago I didn’t know cannabis could manage my pain and neuropathy. I was terrified at the thought of smoking weed. In fact, I was afraid of burning myself trying smoke. I didn’t know the difference of Sativa (energy/focus) and Indica (sleep/relax). I was unaware of the true benefits and risks of using cannabis. I’ve experienced anxiety and even cannabis psychosis by using someone else’s cannabis that was not the right strain for me. Not a fun thing at all! Now I’ve done the research and even found products to make anyone’s smoking experience better.

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And if you’d like to try cannabis ALWAYS start with CBD for anxiety and pain. There are cannabis strains that help manage blood sugars, high blood pressure, you name the issue, and I can find a strain that can help manage most chronic illnesses.

Please note Cannabis is NOT a cure for chronic illness, nor should it be used in place of your prescription medications. ALWAYS consult with your doctor to make sure cannabis is safe for you!

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